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Axevert Dynamic Engineers is a premier full service engineering firm offering advisory and EPC services in agricultural structures, water & environment, and sustainable energy.

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We provide advisory, and engineering procurement & construction (EPC) services to provide sustainable, and cost effective solutions.

Our advisory services include Feasibility Studies, Investment Appraisal, Risk Management, Research & Development, among others.

While our EPC services incude the analysis, design, construction, installation, commisioning, and maintenance of structures, machinery, and equipment.

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Some of our advisory, and enginering procurement & construction (EPC) services are described below. Our multidisciplinary team can do so much more. Feel free to contact us to discuss your challenges.


We provide advisory services include Feasibility Studies, Investment Appraisal, Risk Management, Research & Development, among others.

Engineering & Design

We provide provide engineering design services for structures such as farm houses and animal structures, renewable energy systems such as solar and biogas etc. .

Construction & Installation

We provide procurement and installation services for structrues including stores, tanks, farmhouses, water works, and equipment such as solar PV, pumps, biodigesters etc.

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Agricultural Structures

ADE offers design and build, full service for agricultural structures that are designed for optimised farm production, productivity, and profitability.

Farm Layout

We offer farm layouting and landscaping services for residences, crop farms, animal farms, mixed farms and others.

Farm Houses

We offer design and build services for farm houses. This includes architectural designs, structural designs and construction of farm residential houses.

Stores and Silos

We offer design and build services for agricultural stores and bins. We work with farmers, cooperatives, and farms.

Animal Housing

We offer design and build services for animal housing including poultry housing, cattle barns, goat pens, shades, feedlots, and milking parlours.

Water, Sanitation, and Environment

ADE delivers projects which provide water supply, and water for productive uses such as irrigation, watering of farm animals, as well as on farm processing.


Access to water is critical to producing crops, and with a good solar irrigation system, the very same farmers can have yearlong farming yields rather than the twice-yearly of short and long rain seasons, undoubtedly promoting better agricultural outcomes.

Water supply

We provide services for supply of water for industrial, commercial, or domestic use. Our typical clients are homeowners, schools, hotels, and farms.


We provide biodigesters for both institutional and domestic use. These allow hands off, clean and healthy management of solid and waste water with no odour, and very low maintenance.

Hydraulic Structures

We offer design, construction, and commissioning of hydraulic structures such as valley tanks, dams, culverts, and weirs.

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

Our company offers highly efficient and cost effective renewable energy solutions that include hybrid and offgrid solar PV systems, back up storage systems, bioenergy systems, as well as effective biogas systems with long lifespan.

Solar PV

We provide off-grid and grid-tied solution energy solutions for residential, farms, businesses, and community centres including schools, farms, and health centres.

Energy Storage & Backup Solutions

We design and install power backup systems using high quality components to serve farms, cooperatives, medical centres, and offices.

Biogas Systems

We offer design, and installation of biogas systems for homes, schools, and businesses.

Biomass Systems

We supply and install highly efficient biomass energy equipment for residential and commercial use, These include improved cookstoves,and gasifier cookstoves.